Active Worlds Police Department and Huntington City Police Department(AWPD/HCPD HQ) is a Police Headquaters located on Longwood Ave in Huntington in AWTeen. Its the main HQ for AWPD and HCPD. AWPD was created in 2008 by Arnold NYC to solve crimes in Active Worlds! AWPD's solgan is: "To Serve And Protect Active Worlds and Serving Since 2008". HCPD's solgan is: "To Serve And Protect Huntington Since 2009".

They have a other HeadQuaters in Pandamonium in AWTeen. Police Commissoner Arnold NYC said "Active Worlds Police Dept will have more HQ and stations soon."

You can be one of Active Worlds' Finest!Edit

Just talk to Arnold NYC. The job is only for Citizens! We dont know about tourists yet but Officers who are in the department and his/her citizen expired that Officer will stay.

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